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5 Tips On How To Start A Freelancing Business

Freelancing is becoming very appealing in the past few years. The ability to be able to work from wherever, whenever you want is convenient. Even if you just want to pick up a side gig for some extra money, if you put in the work, you can see some success. Companies are also looking to hire freelancers – making freelancing even more appealing. As good as it looks, however, it is a lot of work. You have to be willing to put in the effort if you are looking to make this a permanent business. If you don’t know where you should even begin, these five tips can teach you what you need to learn how to start a freelancing business.

Five Tips Perfect For Starting A Freelance Business

Find Your Niche

It is important to nail down a niche. With technology being everywhere and so many free resources available to learn things. There are people everywhere starting their own business and are willing to take on any type of job. You can’t just be willing to take on any job for the money. While you can’t expect to book a high priced client your first few times, you need to find quality work that will only help you. Whether you are a writer or graphic designer, you need to find an area in that field that you can focus on and market yourself with.

Set Up Your Portfolio

Once you have a clear idea of what your niche is, you have to put together your portfolio. Your portfolio is usually a site online where potential clients can see your past work. This portfolio is a very important part of your business and it needs to look clean and organized. Even if this is your first time trying your own business and you’ve never had a paying client before, you can still put together a portfolio. Let’s say you are a graphic designer, but you’ve never had a paying gig before. You can create projects for businesses you make up in your head. Taking a well-known website and redesigning them can be an entire project that will look good in any portfolio. Just because you haven’t had paying gigs, doesn’t mean you still can’t show off your work.




Set Up A Website With Your Services And Vision Statement

The next step is setting up your website with your services. Your portfolio – while it may be online – isn’t your website. Your website is the official site your clients can go to if they want to read more about you, check your social media accounts, read testimonials from other clients, and so on. You will also use your website to detail what services you will provide. This is your chance to really make your client understand what kind of business you are running and what your vision statement is – which you definitely need to have as well.

Figure Out Your Target And Find The Right Clients

Once you have your niche, you have to find your target client. Are you going to look for big businesses or startups? Are you going to target a specific field? These are questions you have to think about. Once you have your target client base, you have to look for them. There are countless message boards and social media sites you can use to find clients. You must also attend networking events. These are events where you can meet other industry professionals and create a rapport with them. You definitely need to bring business cards with you everywhere you go – you never know where you’ll meet a good client.


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Put Together Your Pitch

Once you have your target client base figured out and you know where to find them, you have to have the right pitch to reel them in. A pitch is a small description that captures what you and your business are all about. Your pitch is so important. It has to have the right conversational feel while also being clear about what kind of business you provide and what you can do to benefit the client. You have to keep it short and avoid cheesy catchphrases or niche words; the trick is to be clear and confident. You can’t rush your pitch. You have to do your research on your industry and really understand it before you can pitch to any client.

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