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7 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes on the Cheap

September 28, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

There are two kinds of people: people who lovingly craft their Halloween months in advance, and people who don’t really care. For the second type of person, it can be hard just to remember when Halloween is, much less plan ahead for it.

Still, no one likes being caught without a costume come Halloween night, especially if they’re going to be attending a party. Luckily, there’s a variety of costumes that are cheap and can be put together in a flash if you forget to dress up. Here are our 7 favorites.

Bubble Bath

If you’re ok with not being able to sit most of the night, an easy bubble bath costume can be put together simply by halfway inflating a dozen white balloons and pinning them to your clothes. Add a yellow rubber ducky to the top if you feel like being fancy.


This is a costume that best works if you have a friend who feels like playing along. Start with black clothes, cut out white circles of paper, and then to pin them to your clothes (if you don’t have all black clothes, just reverse the colors and cut out black circles).


If you love puns, then this is the costume for you. It’s pretty simple to put together: grab a loaf of bread from your local supermarket, and a first-place medal from the dollar store. Pair the two together, and you are a literal breadwinner.


This is another costume you’ll need the help of your friends to pull off, but it’s also pretty simple: either write a letter on a white shirt with a sharpie or if you don’t want to ruin a shirt, write a letter on a paper and pin it to your shirt. Then coordinate with your friends so that when you stand in a line you spell out a word of your choice.

Retro Flight Attendant

If you’re a woman, an easy retro costume to throw together is a flight attendant. All you’ll need is a tight-fitting skirt, a white button up, and a colorful scarf or kerchief. Tuck the shirt into the skirt, and tie the scarf or kerchief tight around your neck so the tails fall in front of you.

Nudist (On Strike)

This is a costume that subverts the very idea of what a costume can be. All you’ll need is a sheet of paper or cardboard and a string you can use to sling it around your neck, so it rests on your chest. On the front facing part of the board write, “nudist on strike”. Pro tip: this costume only works if you wear clothes, so remember those!


To put together the stereotypical tourist look you’ll need a Hawaiian or tropical shirt, a fake toy camera, a straw hat, and wreath of flowers you can loop around your neck. Most of what you need for this costume you can find at the dollar store.

Don’t Go Broke

No matter which costume you pick, one thing you shouldn’t be either for Halloween or anywhere is broke. If you’re finding it hard to make ends meet and are wondering, “where’s a title loan near me?” then we’ve got you covered. Just fill out our simple online request form at the top of the page to get started.