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5 Tips for Holiday Travels that Won’t Leave your Budget Stranded

October 24, 2018 | By Ana Elliot

The holidays are in full swing and while you’re enjoying your pumpkin spice desserts and drinks, it might be a good time to start thinking about the upcoming winter break. The two weeks kids are off school are a great time to go traveling with the family. But vacations during the holidays can often be expensive and costly. So, how do you have a fun winter trip? Here are 5 tips to help you plan.

Plan Early

It should be no surprise to anyone that traveling in and around the holidays can be expensive. Flights are through the roof, accommodations are marked up. One way to avoid this is to plan early and utilize the extra time to look for deals. Price comparison sites are great tools for looking at flights but it’s important to keep checking.

Drive or Fly?

One of the more costly parts of vacations is transportation and often you are left between the expense of flying or the time of driving. If you fly, you get more time on your actual vacation and less time in travel, but the overhead cost is significantly more. Driving takes a lot of time but can help keep costs down.

Ultimately, if your destination is less than 4 hours away, it is best to drive. Anything more than that and you should look at flight options.


Staycations are a great way to keep your budget in check. Odds are, you probably haven’t done everything where you live and there might be things you’ve always wanted to get done. Find accommodation in town or an hour or two away and explore your local area. You can do things together as a family and less time will be spent traveling and less money is spent overall.

Phone a Friend

If you really want to get out of town, it might be a good idea to see where you have friends or family living that you could stay with. If you are spending money on the travel itself, this will help keep accommodations costs down. Maybe one of your siblings lives in another state you’ve always wanted to go to. Or perhaps you have a friend in another country to visit, so you can enjoy some new experiences? You also get the added benefit of a built-in tour guide!

Credit Cards

You might be thinking, what do credit cards have to offer for vacations except a way to pay and then have to pay for later? Well, a lot of credit cards offer perks and deals that can help make your travel dreams a reality. Sky miles is a great way to travel and several airlines have deals with credit cards that give you miles as you make simple purchases. Others have restaurant perks or points you can accrue to stay with different hotels. Look at some options to and see what card fits best for your needs.

Well, there you have it! 5 ways to keep your vacation on a budget without having to take out a cash advance! Happy Travels!