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5 Party Tips That Can Help Stretch Your Budget This St. Patrick's Day

One of the great things about the Saint Patrick’s Day holiday is that it’s one of the few times of the year you can really just let go and have a good time. There’s a lot else to love about it: the Irish angle, the green color scheme, and the prominence of alcohol all come to mind. But at its core, all these just add to the festive feeling of the holiday.

This is why it can be such a bummer to be on a budget when Saint Patty’s comes around. The two seem contradictory: having a good time and staying within a budget. And while on some level they are, just like our Valentine's Day saving tips, that doesn’t mean you can’t stretch your budget so you can enjoy all the holiday has to offer without having to take out a title loan to fund the fun. Whether you find a pot of gold this Saint Patrick’s or not, here are 5 tips you can depend on to save money.

Drink Less

The simple fact is that alcohol is expensive, more so than most people realize. Alcohol is normally expensive enough on its own, but buying drinks in a club or bar only increases the cost. And that doesn’t even include how much the more exotic drinks can cost you. So if you want to do one thing to save money this Saint Patty’s, take it easy with your alcohol consumption.

Get A Cheap Costume

It’s fun to show up to a party decked out with elf ears, green top hat, and gold waistcoat. But it can also cost you your own pot of gold at the costume store. If you must show up decked out, try just picking up a cheap costume set from the dollar store: the point of a Saint Patrick’s Day costume is to be kitschy, after all, not make people think you actually are a leprechaun. 

Don’t Throw a Party

Instead of going through the hassle of throwing your own party this year, why not spend Saint Patty’s at a friend’s party instead? This takes all the financial burden of food, decorations, and booze off of your shoulders. You can always reciprocate the favor next year if you’re in a better financial situation by then.

Make Your Own Decorations

If you absolutely must throw your own party, though, skip all the normal expensive decorations you’d normally get, and instead just make your own. There’s plenty of craft ideas online and on Pinterest to get you started, and homemade decorations have a charm all their own.

Go To The Parade

Instead of starting your night early by drinking, why not instead head to the parade closest to you? Especially if you live in one of the larger cities, there’s bound to be a parade nearby somewhere. A quick online search should be able to find one in your area.