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What Needs To Be In My Winter Emergency Car Kit?

Every driver should have a winter emergency car kit in case they become one of the 76,000+ people to be injured during sleet or snow this season. Whether you slide off the road due to black ice or get stuck for hours without a tow, it is important that you have the essentials to help yourself. If you are trying to get your kit together, here are seven things you need to make sure are in your car kit for the winter.

Have These Items To Prepare Your Car For A Winter Emergency

1. First Aid Kit

The first thing you should have in your winter emergency car kit is a first aid kit. Your first aid kit should be a hard container that includes a first aid manual, gloves and personal protective equipment, antiseptic supplies, bandaging materials, ointments or creams to prevent infection, tweezers, Q-tips, and any extra medication that you take regularly. You need to make sure you can work on any minor injuries you encounter while on the road.

2. Toolbox Or A Multi-Tool And Flashlight

A small toolkit or multi-tool could be useful for things like changing a tire or cutting through something that’s holding someone down or blocking your vehicle. And if you’re caught in a blizzard or storm – especially at night – your visibility could be slim to none. This is why a flashlight should also be in your toolbox. A bright flashlight and extra batteries could help you inspect or even fix your vehicle to get back on the road. You could also use it to signal for help.

3. Phone Charger Or Portable Battery

Nowadays, phones are our lifelines in case of an emergency. If you’re caught in a storm, swerve off-road, or get stuck on the side of the highway, it’s essential to have a phone charger in your winter emergency car kit to call for help. A portable battery and cable could also be an alternative option if you can’t find a phone charger that works in your car. Just have some way to charge your phone battery.

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4. Jumper Cables, Reflective Triangles, And Road Flares

Jumper cables are essential if your car’s battery suddenly dies on you while you are on the road. With these cables, you could get it back up and running in no time without needing a tow or rescue – especially if your car is older. While you are jumping your car, it would be a good thing if you had reflective triangles to warn oncoming cars. And if you really break down on the side of the road and your cables aren’t working, road flares can alert others as you assess the situation.

5. Blanket And Warm Clothes

In the worst of situations, you may be stuck with a dead battery waiting for help in the snow. Be sure to include a warm blanket or thermal clothes in your winter emergency car kit to keep warm while waiting for assistance. This is also especially helpful for older vehicles with faulty heaters. You need to make sure you have a way to keep warm while you wait for help or assess your situation.

6. Food And Water

In the most extreme cases, you’ll need food and water if you get caught in a blizzard with no help for a few hours. Pack up a few non-perishable, high-calorie granola bars or snacks and a couple of bottles of water just in case. You can never be too prepared when it comes to getting stuck in your vehicle in a blizzard. You need to make sure you can still stay hydrated and fed while you wait.

7. Tools To Remove Snow And Create Tire Traction

If you’re located on the snow belt, an ice scraper is essential. If you have room, add a detachable shovel to help get yourself out of a snowed-in situation. It is also essential to have sand, salt, or cat litter, as these things can be used to burn through snow and create traction for your tires. If you find yourself stuck in an icy parking area or road, these things, plus your shovel or scraper, could be your life saver to get out.

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Protecting Your Car In An Emergency

Making sure you have these seven items in your winter emergency car kit is a great first step in making sure you are protected from emergencies. But sometimes you could have an emergency that your kit won’t help you with. When that happens, you could use your car to cover a separate winter emergency by coming to Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. for an online title loan for quick money.

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Be Prepared For Emergencies This Winter

One of the best ways to deal with an emergency is to be as prepared as possible. With your winter emergency car kit, you’re already one step ahead to face any unsightly weather this winter. And remember that your car can also save you. Come to Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. for an online title loan. Just go to our website right now and quickly fill out the online form to get started today.


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