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Top 5 New Years Eve Traditions for Financial Prosperity

Adhering to small rituals before New Year’s Eve to ensure financial prosperity of the upcoming year is a near-universal habit. Yet, while doing (or not doing) something before the clock strikes midnight is a widespread tradition, those traditions often vary wildly between different countries.

Here are four of the most unique (and one almost universal) New Year’s Eve traditions from all across the world.

  1. China: No Cleaning

    China might be the champion among nations considering the number of New Year’s Eve traditions that should be adhered to for a lucky, stable, and – most importantly – prosperous year. Down to what you can eat (pork and jiaozi dumplings – pork is associated with fortune, jiaozi are shaped like old currency and associate with money), not to eat (porridge – poor people’s food), and how to behave.

    One of the things the Chinese don’t do on New Year’s Eve is clean the house! It’s thought that cleaning out the house, doing laundry, and even just taking out the garbage on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day means purging the house of belongings, reducing chances of prosperity in the upcoming year. So, they take care of the cleaning business the day before or a day after New Year.

  2. Japan: Eat Soba Noodles

    Traditional Japanese buckwheat noodles – soba – are known to be the traditional dish of choice at midnight.

    Apparently, the buckwheat signifies resiliency, while the length of the noodles themselves signify long life. So, eating soba at midnight is supposed to symbolize having a long and prosperous life, and usher in a lucky New Year for the eater.

  3. Greek: Eat Vasilopita

    Vasilopita is a sweet, doughy cake somewhat resembling bread, that is only made on New Year’s Day in Greece.

    At midnight or in the first minute of the New Year (not quite at eve, but close enough!) the family will cut vasilopita in pieces and divide between the family members from the oldest to the youngest.

    Vasilopita traditionally must contain a gold coin. The type of coin has become less important over the years, nowadays it can be simple change, as it’s the symbolism that matters, not the gold.

    The family members aren’t allowed to look at their slices until everyone’s been served. When the vasilopita is all divided up, everyone takes a bite. Whoever discovers the coin in their slice is supposed to have a prosperous upcoming year.

  4. Germany: Eat Sauerkraut

    In Germany, the possible prosperity of the upcoming year is also connected to the food. Namely, the traditional beloved sauerkraut. Specifically, it’s thought that how much wealth you gain next year is proportionate to how much sauerkraut you eat.

    Eating sauerkraut is believed to signify not only financial prosperity, but also bring in an abundance of different blessings (such as health and long life), but financial prosperity is what we’re interested in. So, if you want to build wealth in the new year – eat some sauerkraut.

  5. Universal: Keep Your Cupboards Full

    This one seems like an oddity – it’s not the most popular tradition across the globe (those, as we’ve seen, are all about what you eat!), yet it’s also found in many different countries simultaneously, even if not most mainstream (most people I’ve asked haven’t even heard about it).Maybe that’s because we already automatically do what it preaches, even without knowing the tradition.

    The idea is that you shouldn’t meet the New Year without having your cupboards well stocked. Empty cupboards signify the lack of possession, while full cupboards signify the abundance of wealth and prosperity. So, you’re automatically doing something to ensure future prosperity by just going shopping on New Year’s Eve, isn’t it neat?

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