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Popular Traditions To Celebrate At Christmas In Wisconsin

If you’re celebrating the holidays in the Midwest, you’ll find that Christmas in Wisconsin has many traditions to enjoy thanks to the influence of the large number of German immigrants who settled in the state.

Wisconsin Christmas traditions include specialty Christmas pastries, decorations, and regional variations on classic American Christmas traditions.

Let’s dive deeper into the main traditions the state maintains year after year. We’ll also finish with some advice on how Wisconsin auto title loans can help tackle emergencies during the holidays to allow you the peace of mind to enjoy this time of the year.

Holiday Traditions To Celebrate During Christmas In Wisconsin

1. Kringle

Kringle is one of the hallmarks of Christmas in Wisconsin. In fact, this Danish pastry was named the Official State Pastry of Wisconsin. One of the reasons why Kringle is so popular in Wisconsin is because it is easy to break the pastry up and share it with others.

aluminum christmas tree

2. Aluminum Christmas Trees

Aluminum Christmas trees do exist outside of The Charlie Brown Christmas Special, and they are in fact a popular tradition in Wisconsin. The popularity of aluminum Christmas trees fell during the 1970s but because of revived interest, you can buy new aluminum trees in stores or online. You can also buy vintage trees from the aluminum Christmas tree heyday.

Aluminum trees are especially popular in Wisconsin because these trees first started getting produced right here in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Manitowoc still celebrates this legacy with “Evergleams on Eighth”, an aluminum Christmas tree festival.

3. Stollen

Another classic tradition of Christmas in Wisconsin is stollen, a yeast bread that comes from Germany. There are countless ways to make stollen, but there are a few key ingredients that are used in almost all of the recipes.

Dried and candied fruit, spices, nuts, butter, and powdered sugar are all staples of stollen recipes.

If you are short on time, or if you don’t have the resources to make stollen on your own, you can also purchase some from a bakery or grocery store.

4. Brandy Slush

People in Wisconsin love brandy. That’s part of why the Brandy Slush is such a popular drink in Wisconsin during the holiday season. This is a simple cocktail that will be a hit at your holiday party.

To make a Brandy Slush, you just mix brandy with lemon-lime soda, water, sugar, orange juice, and lemon concentrate.

st nick's day

5. St. Nick’s Day

St. Nick’s Day is a similar but separate holiday from Christmas. St. Nick’s Day is every December 5th. On the night before, children leave out stockings and wooden shoes. In return, St. Nick visits to deliver small presents and candy to the children in their stockings.

In many ways, St. Nick’s Day is similar to the tradition of hanging up stockings that many people celebrate on Christmas. It is unknown why St. Nick’s Day is celebrated on a different day than Christmas in Wisconsin, but many people suspect that this is due to the large number of German immigrants who brought the holiday to Wisconsin.

6. The Cookie Book

For almost one hundred years, Wisconsin Electric has been releasing a popular book of cookie recipes to their customers every year. The cookie book is currently distributed as the WE Cookie Book, but it used to be called the Wisconsin Electric Cookie Book and the Wisconsin Gas Cookie Book.

The WE Cookie Book is a collection of dozens of fun, holiday-themed cookie recipes. Christmas in Wisconsin doesn't start until you've gotten your cookie book. Once you get your copy, you’re going to want to spend an entire day in the kitchen baking these cool festive recipes.

Maintaining Financial Security As A Tradition

While many of these traditions are fun and enjoyable, we cannot forget about the most important tradition of all. Having financial security during the holiday season is essential to enjoying your time with your family and friends.

Unfortunately, December is a time of year when emergency expenses could be a little more likely to happen. This is especially true in a state like Wisconsin where the ground is usually covered in ice and snow at this time of the year.

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Keeping Christmas Traditions Alive

Is one of the ways we maintain the magical nature of the holidays. Enjoy some Brandy Slush and Kringle as you decorate your aluminum tree and try out some recipes from your WE Cookie Book while you wait for St. Nick.

And if any sudden expense or unexpected emergency happens, know that Wisconsin auto title loans can be an option worth considering. Submit your online form today to find out if you qualify.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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