things to do in la crosse, wi

Top 10 Things to Do in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Culture, history, nature, family entertainment—La Crosse, Wisconsin has it all. We name some of the best attractions in the area, as well as some of the insider tips on where to get the best eats, deals and offers. Here are the top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

1. Riverside International Friendship Gardens

You’ll see flowers everywhere you turn, and the combination of beauty and affordability is exactly what places this sight among top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The landscaped gardens are divided into unique sections—Chinese, Irish, Russian, German, Norwegian and more—that showcase different kinds of plants and styles. You can get guided tours, and all the areas are easily accessible by wheelchair.

2. Riverside Park

This public park sits on the banks of the Mississippi and is a popular venue for free public events like Oktoberfest, outdoor concerts, and fireworks festivals.

Bring a picnic basket and blanket and enjoy an al fresco lunch under one of the many shady spots along the banks. You may even glimpse some of the famous steamboats as they dock in the area, or birds who love to congregate at the riverside.

3. Dahl Auto Museum

This is one of the top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin! The unique museum showcases classic cars which have been restored to mint condition. They are part of a private collection of the Dahl family, who were very involved in the US automobile industry. This is one “road trip” that will take you back in time!

4. Children’s Museum of La Crosse

This museum always makes it to the list of top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin—especially for families with young kids! The interactive exhibits bring many science, geography and history lessons to life—and everyone is encouraged to try things out and learn through play.

5. Grandad Bluff Park

This state park gives you a fantastic view of the city. Located at the top of the cliff that towers at 1,183 feet above sea level, you’ll be able to see the Miss Mississippi River Valley and all the landmarks. You can find coin-operated binoculars too!

After checking out the view—and taking lots of pics to add to your album on top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin—you can have a leisurely lunch in the picnic area.

6. The Great River State Trail

Deer on trail in Wisconsin state park: things to do

Enjoy fresh air, exercise, and a wonderful view on this multi-purpose trail. It stretches for 24 miles and includes 24 picturesque bridges that cross the streams that connect to the Mississippi. You can walk, jog, bike, or even go horseback riding.

7. Shrine of Our Lady of Guadaloupe

<p?This beautiful church features has beautiful murals, stained glass windows and other architectural details that will take your breath away. Since its construction in 2008, it is one of the area’s most popular tourist attractions. The guides are also more than happy to tell you more about the interiors.

8. Turtle Stack Brewery

After exploring all the top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin, unwind with a handcrafted beer at this famous brewery.

The hardest part will be deciding which of their many brews to try—they have everything from Belgian Blondes to dark ales, and some specialty house brews, too. Just make sure you have a designated driver!

9. World’s Largest Six Pack

No roadtrip is complete without a picture at this iconic landmark! A local guide can tell you the backstory of the giant six pack and the surrounding area—it’s definitely a story to share when you get home, and the reason why it’s one of the top 10 things to do in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

10. Cheese curds

There is one thing you need to do when you’re in the area: try the famous cheese curds! They’re served in many restaurants, from the fancy French restaurants like Le Chauteau to popular taverns like The Waterfront and the Dublin Square Eatery.

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