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The Simple Steps To Getting Vehicle Title Loans In Wisconsin

When you want to get vehicle title loans, we here at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. are here to help you. The application process is straightforward and transparent, involving only a few simple steps to get you closer to the money you need. And as you read through this guide, you’ll discover more about each of the simple steps to get a vehicle title loan. By the end, you’ll understand exactly what you can expect from our process!

The 4 Simple Steps To Get Vehicle Title Loans In Wisconsin

There are 4 simple steps to get a vehicle title loan in Wisconsin. You only need to submit your details, talk to a loan representative, and get your documents and car inspected. Then, if you are approved, you can get your money either that day or the next. From start to finish, you can expect a quick and easy process to complete your application. As you can see, getting vehicle title loans is incredibly easy. Here is more information about each step right now.

1. Submit Your Details

The first step to getting a vehicle title loan in Wisconsin is to submit your details through our online form found on our website. Don’t worry about submitting your personal information because we make sure to keep that all confidential. Also, be sure to double-check your information to ensure everything is accurate before submitting the form. That way, you’ll help avoid any unnecessary delays in getting your application moving! The details you’ll send to us include:

  • Your name and location - to help locate the nearest store location to you.
  • Your contact information - so a loan representative from that store location can contact you soon after submitting the form.
  • Details about your car - information like your car’s make, model, and year will be some of the factors we use to determine how much we can lend to you.

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2. Talk To A Loan Representative

Soon after you submit the form with your details, one of our loan representatives will call you. The purpose of that call is for them to brief you on the process and the required items you’ll need to have. You can also use this as an opportunity to ask them any questions you might have about the loan. By the end of the call, the representative will discuss when and where to meet you to complete your car inspection – which can be at the nearest store or somewhere else.

3. Get Your Documents And Car Inspected

The most important steps when applying for vehicle title loans is meeting your loan representative face-to-face. During that meeting, the representative will verify your documents to ensure everything is in order. Then, they’ll inspect your car to determine how much it’s worth. To determine how much we can lend to you is by using your car’s condition and a nationally recognized pricing guide. It is a good idea to make sure your car is in good working condition before we inspect it.

4. Find Out If You Are Approved

After a few moments, you’ll find out whether or not your application is approved. If it is, you can get your money as fast as the same day or by the next business day. That will depend on what time you complete your application. Either way, you’ll get your money as fast as possible so you can make your urgent payments or settle the financial emergency you’ve been wrestling with.

Do I Get To Keep My Car If I Get A Vehicle Title Loan?

You can keep your car and continue driving it even if you get a vehicle title loan. You only need to provide the car during the application phase so a loan representative can quickly inspect it. After, you’ll get to drive the car home and continue using it for your daily routines. Remember, you’re using your car title to secure the loan, not the vehicle itself.

You also need to keep in mind that you cannot apply for a title loan with us by using someone else’s car title. The car title must be registered in your name, on top of being lien-free. If you want to use the car title to apply for a loan, you will need to visit your local DMV office first. There, you can have the title transferred to your name, giving you authorization to use it as loan collateral.

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Will Bad Credit Disqualify Me From Applying For A Title Loan?

Another thing to know about vehicle title loans is that your bad credit won’t stop you from applying and finding out if you can qualify for approval. As long as you fulfill all the requirements we went over for this loan, you can proceed with the simple process. Now, this all does not mean we won’t ever check your credit. In fact, if you are approved for a high amount, we might have to do a quick credit check. However, this all just means you can still qualify for this loan with poor credit.

Take The First Step Now!

As you’ve seen above, the process to get vehicle title loans is incredibly quick and straightforward. You can begin at any time just by filling out and submitting the online form to us at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans Inc. by going to our website. It won’t be long before you talk to a helpful representative who’ll guide you every step of the way until you know if you qualify for approval or not. So don’t wait any longer and get that online form filled out right away!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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