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What Are The Requirements To Get An Online Title Loan?

Getting an online title loan can be a Plan B that people resort to when in need of cash on short notice without being able to get it together by other means.

This is mostly because an online title loan doesn’t require a lot of time to acquire which makes it an option that can work very close to deadlines. It’s also easier to qualify for this type of loan when compared to traditional bank loans, not in the least due to the comparatively short and simple qualifying requirements list.

Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. requires the following when qualifying you for an online title loan.

The Online Title Loan Requirements

You Must Be Of Legal Age (And Able To Prove It)

The minimum age a person can be eligible for an online title loan is 18 years old. This is true for all states, including Wisconsin.

It’s also universal that no lender is allowed to simply take your word that you’re of legal age. You need to provide a valid state-issued identifying document (either a photo ID card or a driver’s license) so that they can verify your identity and age.

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You Must Outright Own Your Car

Title loans, while very accessible, are accessible to only a certain yet large group of people. Namely, people who outright own their cars.

This means, not only must you be a vehicle owner to qualify, but the title of that vehicle must be in your name and completely lien-free, with no outstanding loans, judgments, or other financial obligations placed upon it. Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. requires your vehicle itself for inspection and its lien-free title.

To qualify for a car title loan Wisconsin, you will need to:

  1. Settle all financial obligations and clear your car title.
  2. Have it transferred to your name at the local DMV if it’s not already in your name (this happens often with second-hand cars and is thankfully quite easy to fix).

Once the title is clear and is in your name, you’ll be able to prove your ownership and use the title as collateral.

What Is The Minimum Required Income?

There’s no specific minimum income you need to be earning. The maximum loan amount you qualify for will be determined by the value of your car (as determined by a nationally recognized pricing guide) and its state (according to which the price will be adjusted).

You aren’t going to be asked to provide any proof of income during the loan process. Any means you choose for loan repayment are up to you and are not required during the loan process at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, inc.

What’s The Minimum Required Credit Score?

There’s also no required minimum credit score. We welcome all credit types – good or bad.

While that doesn’t mean there will be no credit checks (our representative may run a soft inquiry), the results aren’t likely to outright disqualify you as long as the items you provided match our standards. 

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How To Get An Online Title Loan In Wisconsin

Make sure all the required items are in order (your identifying document is valid, the car title is clear and is in your name, etc.) before getting started. It will help the process move along smoothly, increase your approval chances, and keep the time spent on the process to the minimum.

If everything’s ready to go, get started by submitting an online form for an instant online title loan. It will send your info to our nearest branch, and soon after our loan representative will give you a call.

The representative will provide all the necessary information and arrange a meeting with you at a convenient location of your choice, which can be your home, any of our stores, some other location.

You’ll need to take the required items to that meeting. The loan representative will do a quick inspection of the car, examine the documents, and determine if you qualify for your loan and how much you qualify for.

If you qualify, you can finish the final paperwork then and there, and get your money by the following business day at the latest.

Get An Online Title Loan Today

Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. streamlined its online title loan process in a way that allows even the busiest of our clients to fit it into their day!

The straightforward requirements and the streamlined process means that you can be done in less than a day. And if you start the process early in the day, you have a chance to receive the loan you qualify for by the end of it. Submit an online form now to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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