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Remember These 7 Things About Installment Loans In Eau Claire, WI

If you have ever gone through an emergency, there might be a chance you’ve heard of installment loans in Eau Claire, WI. But if you haven’t heard of this loan before, an installment loan helps with emergency expenses you can’t handle alone, while also allowing you to repay the loan in manageable installments as opposed to all at once. As good as this sounds, it is very important you learn a few other things about this loan before you jump in.

7 Things To Remember About Installment Loans

When you come to Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc., installment loans in Eau Claire, WI are available in any increments from $100 up to $1,500. And unlike other secured loans that require you to put up your personal items as collateral, this unsecured loan does not require any collateral to secure the money. But before you decide to apply, you need to know the following seven things to make sure you completely understand this loan.

1. Your Signature Is Your Promise To Repay The Loan

As we said, this loan does not require any collateral to secure the money. Instead, you use your own signature as the promise you will repay the loan. This loan is also known as a signature installment loan because, as we said, you make your promise with your signature. So if you don’t have anything to use as collateral or would rather not use any of your personal property as collateral, a signature installment loan could be the loan to help you out.

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2. A Store Visit Is Required

When it comes to getting installment loans in Eau Claire, WI from us at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. you must come to the store to finish the process. While you can get started online by filling out the online form and letting us talk to you over the phone, you can’t finish everything online. We have to see you in person at the store in order to assess whether you qualify for approval and how much we can lend you.

3. Proof Of Income Comes In Many Forms

When it comes to the required items we need for installment loans, one item we need is your proof of income. Normally, we ask you to bring in your most recent pay stub, but we understand that may not be possible for everyone. If you can’t bring in your most recent pay stub for whatever reason, we may be able to use other sources of income. Just give us a quick call and we can let you know what kind of paperwork we will need to see if you are using another source of income.

4. You Could Get Through The Process In Around 30 Minutes

Once you come into one of our many Wisconsin installment loan stores – especially in Eau Claire – we make sure to get you through the process quickly. In fact, if you come in with the correct required items, we can get through the entire in-person process in around 30 minutes or so. We want to make sure you get the answers you need as quickly as possible, so we want to make the process quick and simple for you to get through.

5. Money Could Be Available The Same Day

Another feature of installment loans is that you could get the money on the same day – or at the very latest the following business day. When you need quick cash for any reason, we do our best to get your loan funded quickly. If we decide you qualify for approval, we will go over the loan terms and help you finish the paperwork so that you can get the money as soon as you possibly can. You don’t have to wait days or weeks for your money.

6. Installment Loans Should Only Be For Emergencies

As installment loans in Eau Claire, WI seem very convenient, that doesn’t mean you should get one just for any reason. This loan was designed for emergency expenses, not for frivolous expenses or to permanently fix your finances. This means this loan was made for things like medical expenses, late utility bills, late rent, or even emergency home repairs. If you planned on using it for something that wasn’t an emergency, we strongly recommend you look elsewhere.

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7. Applying For Installment Loans Is Easy

A final and very important detail about installment loans in Eau Claire, WI is that they are easy to apply for with us. With just a few items and a little time, you can find out if you qualify for approval. Once you have the necessary items ready, you will follow a simple process that can begin online and continue at one of our many Wisconsin stores. If you want to know a quick overview of the process, just look at the list below:

  • Fill out the online form on our website to send the nearest location your contact information.
  • Wait for the representative to give you a call to help you set up your meeting at the store.
  • Grab your required items and head to the store for you meeting with the representative.
  • If you are approved, you can get your money either today or the next bank business day.

Get The Installment Loan You Need Right Now

When you need quick cash, you don’t have to worry about handling the emergency expenses alone. With these seven important facts, you now know all the important information about installment loans in Eau Claire, WI. With this guide, you can easily decide if this loan is the right option for you. So don’t hesitate any longer, remember these seven things and fill out the online form on our website to begin the process today.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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