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Cut Costs And Pounds With These Healthy Foods For Cheap

Eating healthy is important if you want to feel good and avoid health problems. But healthy eating can really burn a hole through your wallet. Almost every restaurant and fast food place have their healthy dishes priced much higher than their not-so-healthy dishes. It can be pretty expensive to just feed yourself healthy food. Now imagine trying to feed your family a healthy meal. Who has the money for that?

The good news? You can create your own healthy meals with these healthy foods for cheap! You just have to be creative. There are a ton of foods that are healthy, delicious, and – most importantly – will improve your relationship with money. Here are just some of the healthy foods, for cheap, you can use to create meals for you and your entire family.


Instead of going for expensive cuts of red meat, there are so many different – and cheaper – food options that are packed with proteins.


Eggs are packed with nutrients and protein. There are so many different ways you can cook eggs as well. You can make an omelet full of cooked veggies, scramble egg whites for a breakfast with some turkey bacon or ham, or hard boil them for salads.

Black, Red, White, or Pinto Beans

Any type of bean is a good source of fiber and protein. You can have beans as a side or make them the star of your dish in place of meat. You can also add them to soups or stews to make them heartier and filling.


Chicken is a great – and cheaper – alternative to red meats. A little shopping hack is to buy a whole chicken instead of pieces of chicken because you get more bang for your buck. Even the pieces you don’t use can be used for broths and soups.


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Whole Grains

You don’t have to say goodbye to bread and pasta just to be healthy. Whole grains are there to give you the nutrition you need while preserving the food you love.

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a much better choice than white when it comes to nutrition. Brown rice provides fiber, vitamins, and good carbs we need. You can also add brown rice to just about any dish. You could use it as a base for a stir-fry or just pair it with some grilled chicken breast.

Whole Wheat/Honey Wheat Bread

Whole wheat or honey wheat bread is both delicious and nutritious. The honey wheat adds a nice subtle sweetness – especially when toasted. You could make veggie sandwiches with this bread or toast and cut them up in chunks for croutons.


Oats are a superfood. They are very fibrous and have been linked to weight loss. You can bake with oats, use them as a topping for yogurt, or make overnight oats. You don’t even have to cook the overnight oats; just soak them in milk overnight and you are left with a creamy texture.


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Fruits are another staple in any meal. The natural sugars give you the sweetness you crave while also giving you the nutrition your body craves.


Bananas are full of potassium and very versatile. You can enjoy them with your cereal, mash them for the base of pancakes, or sprinkle some cinnamon and cook them for a delicious dessert after dinner.


Oranges carry the vitamin C we need. They can also be incorporated into anything. You can eat them alone, add them to your salad, or use the juice and zest to add a citrus flavor to your meats.


Not only is watermelon refreshing, but it can also keep you hydrated. You can add watermelon to your salads, eat them alone, or grill and use them as a side for a chicken dish.

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Healthy dishes can come at crazy prices, but these foods prove the price doesn’t always have to be so high. So start cutting some pounds with these healthy foods for cheap! If you still feel like you need a little bit more money to eat healthily, a title loan or a signature installment loan from Wisconsin Auto Title Loans can be the answer. The process for both is simple. Just start by filling out our online form and we will give you a call to tell you what else needs to be done. Give your family a shot of health with these healthy, cost-effective meal ideas tonight!

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