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How To Get Halloween Money Without Getting Spooked

When it comes to Halloween, many of us go all out on the celebrations. This could leave you needing Halloween money. If you’re one of the many Americans who plan to buy decorations, a costume, or other Halloween items, you’ll likely need some extra cash to avoid dipping into your savings. Learn about six ways you can actually get money so that you can have a fun time.

Make Extra Money This Halloween Using These Six Ideas

1. Declutter Your Home

Most of us have too many things we don’t use, and what better way to face clutter than by selling it to make Halloween money? Use a free afternoon to sift through your overgrown closet, basement, or attic storage space. If you have something you haven’t used in over a year, consider selling it at a yard sale, flea market, on online through second-hand apps.

And even if you don’t think a certain item will sell, try it anyway! Just because something isn’t useful for you anymore, you never know if that item could be useful to someone else. Just remember, you may be tempted to sell old, useful items to buy new ones, but this is not the goal. Keep your eye on the original goal and sell the things you shouldn’t have bought in the first place.

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2. Bake For The Occasion

If you’re skilled in baking or cooking, consider making some Halloween treats and selling them to your social circles this month. Cookies, pies, and monster-themed desserts are highly coveted during the Halloween season, especially for house parties. Advertise your baked goods through social media and through word of mouth, and you’re likely to make at least some Halloween money.

3. Do Yard Work For Cash

When it comes to October, it means a change of season. The leaves start to change color and then fall, creating a lovely scene for photos but a headache for homeowners. But this also creates a money-making situation for you! Grab a rake or leaf blower and head down your street offering to rake your neighbor’s lawns for cash.

This is a great way to make Halloween money and help out your neighbors. If you prefer to keep it low-key, head to other neighborhoods instead. You could also print out flyers offering your services and put them in local mailboxes to spread the news. You’ll get a workout in while also putting extra money in your wallet.

4. Try Babysitting Or Pet Sitting

When it comes to making extra money, babysitting and pet sitting are always classic options. There are always families out there who need weekend, late-night, or event babysitting or pet sitting. Set up an online profile or post on local bulletin and news boards in your community. You could even have your clients spread the word. You could make anywhere from $10-$25.

The good thing about pet sitting is you can add on pet sitting overnight or walking pets. With Halloween parties going late into the night, having someone stay overnight to protect their pet is a valuable addition to your services. And just like with babysitting or pet sitting, you can advertise through social media or websites dedicated to pairing customers with pet sitters.

5. Pick Up A Seasonal Gig

Many local farms look to hire seasonal personnel for Halloween, especially those that allow people to pick their own fruit, corn mazes, and haunted festivities for children and adults alike. You could work at a register, guide those picking apples or pumpkins, help out with farm tours, or even dress up as a character and scare others on their Halloween adventures.

Most of these seasonal gigs are for September through November. If you’re looking for a longer-term seasonal gig, you could also apply to clothing or department stores that look for extra help through the end of the year. And just remember, even a seasonal position can potentially turn into a full-time gig if you are really good at your job.</p >

6. Pay Off Urgent Expenses First

Before getting Halloween money for your fun night, it’s important to pay off any pending expenses If you need cash fast, you may want to consider a car title loan from Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. for help. Title loans use your lien-free vehicle title as collateral for the money, but you get to keep your car as normal while you repay the loan.

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Stop Letting Bills Spook You!

If you are trying to enjoy your Halloween night, check out these options to get some extra Halloween cash right now. And if you need to cover urgent expenses, consider a title loan from Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. so that you can focus on other income-producing ideas to get your Halloween money. Fill out the online form now to begin.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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