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The Simple Basics of Fractional Stock Share Investing

Fractional stock share investing can change your life, but it can come with a lot of complexity, especially if you’ve never done it before.

The process can be stressful and daunting, especially if you're a first-time investor. How do you invest and with whom? Should you go with stocks and which one? Which companies are safe bets to invest your hard-earned money in?

The popularity of fractional stock share investing appeals to newbies due to their ease of access and low financial requirements. Let’s take a closer look at this growing financial trend and how you can work on growing your money without worrying about financial emergencies by using car title loans.

All About Fractional Stock Share

A fractional stock share is when you own parts of a stock of a company of your choice.

Traditionally, in order to invest in a stock of a company, you had to least purchase one whole stock. With a fractional stock share, you can still be an investor, but risk less of your money in the process.

How Much Does it Cost To Buy Fractional Stock Share?

Fractional stock share prices vary depending on the brokerage or firm you invest with.

Some fractional shares are offered for as little as $1. Others are pegged at $5 a share, and many fall in between $1-$5. There are some ways to invest in fractional stock shares for as little as 1 cent.

What You Can Buy With A Fractional Stock Share

That’s one of the big benefits of a fractional stock share. Certain big-name companies that may be normally too expensive for the average person to invest in are made more accessible through a fractional stock share.

For example, you can invest $100 and spread them out among a dozen different big-name companies with stock costs that are usually high, including Netflix, Google, Apple, and Amazon. 

Top Benefits Of A Fractional Stock Share

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It helps you diversify an investment portfolio by including a large number of high-cost stocks for minimal amounts. 

It Gives You Options

If you had that initial $100 to invest in the past, you may have been very limited in how you can realistically buy stocks. That may or may not have included some of the top-performing companies on the stock market.

With a fractional stock share, you can use that $100 to not just invest in one type of stock but spread it out over two, three, or way more stocks. Or you can buy many fractions of shares and likely still have money in your pocket.

You Can Invest More Responsibly

Fractional shares make it easy to spread out your investment day to day or month to month, budgeting a small amount in fractional shares in one select company or discovering new opportunities to take advantage of. 

More And More Investment Companies Are Offering Them

You don’t have to sign up for a niche company to take part in fractional share investing. An ever-growing lineup of big-name companies offers them as well, including Fidelity, M1 Finance, Schwab, and SoFi.

Dealing With Emergencies While Investing Your Money

Fractional stock share investing is an exciting way to grow your money, but a lingering worry of being tight on cash if an emergency hit is a reasonable one. This shouldn’t stop you from investing though. That’s when you can consider title loans online from Wisconsin Title Auto Title Loans, Inc. to deal with any emergencies that come your way.

What Are Car Title Loans?

A car title loan is a short-term loan using your car’s title as collateral in exchange for cash that can be used for emergencies.

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What You Need For A Car Title Loan

Minimal requirements make car title loans a fast and easy way to get cash quickly to deal with emergencies. At Wisconsin Title Auto Loans, Inc., all you need is the following to receive up to $15,000 in the form of a car title loan.

  • A lien-free car title.
  • A state-issued photo identification.
  • Your vehicle.

Benefits Of A Car Title Loan

  • It’s extremely fast. The entire process can take less than an hour. Money can be in your hands within a day.
  • All types of credit are considered when applying for a car title loan — good, bad, or nonexistent.
  • It’s perfect for emergencies, from necessary medical care and home improvement to needed travel.
  • You don’t need a checking account.

How A Car Title Loan Works

  1. Fill out a brief form on Wisconsin Title Loans, Inc.
  2. A company representative will call you soon after. At this stage, you can ask any question you have about the process and the loan. They will also schedule an appointment with you.
  3. Either visit one of the many Wisconsin Auto Title Loans Inc. locations near you or have a representative come to you in order to have your car inspected to determine the amount of your loan. The inspection takes 30 minutes or less.
  4. If you qualify, you can get your cash on the same day, you also get to keep your car.

Submit Your Online Form Today!

Investing is your way to build wealth but worrying about unexpected life turns is a good worry to have. However, it shouldn’t completely stop you from investing, since you have other options to deal with emergencies that come your way.

With a car title loan, you’ll be on the road to financial wellness in no time. Submit your online form today to get started.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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