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5 Unconventional Ways To Save Money

We know by now the traditional ways of saving money. Budgeting, avoiding spending unless absolutely necessary, opening a savings account, and so on. Even getting title loans is becoming a common practice. These are things anyone can start doing to start saving their money. But did you know there are very uncommon – and downright weird – ways people are choosing to save money? While you’ve probably never considered doing these things, once you think about it, you just might start thinking that they are actually not bad suggestions. Who knows, you might just find some new techniques to add to your money-saving ways. So, with that said, here are the five unconventional ways to save money.

Roast And Brew Your Own Coffee

We all know how expensive coffee from a coffee shop can be. And the fancy coffeemakers are very pricey. Instead, some people opt to buy their own green coffee, or a cheap new or used popcorn popper, and brew their own coffee! Say goodbye to expensive coffee shops and coffeemakers. You could save so much money if you could easily brew your own fresh cup.


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Teach Yourself Using YouTube

YouTube literally has hundreds of videos on every topic imaginable. And people are taking advantage of this. They are teaching themselves to do a lot! From learning to cook a gourmet meal or following a tutorial to do minor car repairs, teaching yourself to do some of the common things we usually get someone else to do will save you so much. Not only are you learning new things, but you are saving yourself so much money by doing things yourself.

Sell Your Hair

Yes, this is actually something people are doing. If you have hair longer than 10 inches and in near-perfect condition, you could actually sell your own hair. The better condition your hair is in will determine how much people are willing to pay. Usually, your hair needs to be free of bleach and dyes and no exposure to heat. If you have long hair and keep it in great condition, you could make thousands of dollars.


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Never Buy Anything New

Buying new things is always nice, but will definitely have you spending a lot of money and possibly putting you in debt. Instead of going for the new items, look instead for the used ones. Thrift shops are full of hidden treasures that get overlooked all the time. With just a little patience, you could come across things that are actually in great condition. Also, repurposing things like your clothes will also save you a ton of clothes shopping.

Rent Out Your Friendship

Why be a friend for free when you can make money? You could actually make a side job by selling your friendship. RentAFriend is a website you can go on and become a member for free. When you become a member, you can put your services online and people can reach out to you via email for you to be their friend. You keep all the money you make and you set up your own rates. You can work part or full time for however many hours you want.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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