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What Can I Do When I Need Money Now?

“I need money now to pay an emergency expense but the banks won’t help!” does this sound familiar? Millions of Americans are facing this problem today. Your budget is stretched to the limit because of inflation and the rising cost of living, so any unexpected expense or emergency can send your finances into a tailspin. When you need quick money now, you can get either title loans WI or payday loans WI.

And if either of these loans is something you’d like to consider, Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. can help get you started. We provide title loans and signature installment loans — and through our efficient and convenient process, you can get approval in just 30 minutes. So if you’re thinking, “I need money now!”, keep reading because the help you need is right here for you to get started.

Learn About These Loans To Get Money Now

Title Loans

Title loans WI are a good option if you have to borrow a large amount of money but you don’t have the minimum credit score or income level to qualify for a bank loan. When you come to Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc., you can borrow up to $15,000, without showing any kind of proof of income. You just have to provide your vehicle’s lien-free title to use as collateral. Don’t be alarmed, we’re not going to get your car the moment you get a loan.

Instead, we place a lien (or a legal claim) on the title. This means you can drive off with car and your cash. Once you pay off the loan, the lien is lifted and we return your title to you. You can use any kind of car, SUV, minivan, or pick-up truck as security for title loans WI, as long as the title is registered under your name and is lien-free. The vehicle must also be fully owned, meaning you have already paid off any bank loans or in-house financing. Here are the required items we need to see:

  • A vehicle title that is under your name.
  • Your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID.
  • The vehicle for inspection.

Benefits Of Getting A Title Loan

When it comes to title loans from us, the loan amount you qualify for is determined through the resale value and condition of your vehicle. This is why we do not need to see any proof of your income or employment. Factors include its model and make, age, mileage, and the condition of its interiors, exteriors, and working parts. Here are a few other benefits that you receive when you get title loans WI from us:

  • You can borrow larger loan amounts. With this loan, you can get up to $15,000. So if you think “I need money now for a big car repair or medical bill” a title loan can help you cover it.
  • We don’t require a lot of documents or paperwork. You don’t have to run around gathering documents or having them notarized or fill out dozens of forms.
  • We don’t require a high credit score or income level for you to find out if you qualify for approval. Anyone who is the registered owner of a car or truck can come see us.

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Signature Installment Loans

Generally, title loans WI are paid back in one lump sum. If you think, “I need money now, but I need to have smaller loan payments that fit into my budget” then signature installment loans may be a better option for you. Installment loans are loans where you pay off the loan in smaller, fixed payments. You can borrow from $100 to $1,500 when you come see us. While this is not as high as title loans, you don’t have to show any kind of collateral or security.

Just like title loans, we can quickly tell you if you are approved for installment loans. You just need to present your pay stub, which serves as proof of income, and a checking account statement that is under your name. We will also check your credit score and check your driver’s license or your state-issued photo ID. Our loan representative can personally discuss these requirements with you, and see what loan options you have given your situation.

 Benefits Of Signature Installment Loans

Just like our title loans, our signature installment loans come with plenty of benefits. If you get approved for this loan, you can get the cash you need either on the same day or the next bank business day at the latest. We also make sure to always be available to you whenever you have any questions about the process. Here are a few other benefits you receive when you get installment loans:

  • You have a longer time to pay off the loan. Unlike title loans, you can divide the loan amount into smaller payments, which will give you time to raise money or adjust your budget
  • There is no collateral required. This loan is for anyone who’s thinking, “I need money now but I don’t have a lien-free car title to use as collateral!”
  • There is fast processing. While banks offer installment loans, they will take weeks to approve applications. We can approve it on the same day.

I Need Money Now, How Can I Apply For A Loan?

Just go to the online inquiry form to start the process for either loan! A loan representative will call you right back to explain the different loans we offer, including the requirements and process. He or she will also answer any questions that you may have. Then, you just have to go to the nearest Wisconsin loan store. Our loan representatives can assess your items and either inspect your vehicle or run a credit check. If you get approved, you get the money the same day or the next day.  

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Get The Money You Need Right Now

If you’ve ever said, “I need money now,” you now know of the two loans that can help you out. We here at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. are here to help you get either title loans WI or signature installment loans. So, if you need quick money to get through any emergency expenses, you know where to turn to for help. Fill out the online form for either of our loans right now to get started on the process.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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