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6 Tips For The Best Wisconsin Vacation Ever

If you’ve never been to Wisconsin, you are in for a treat. The Midwestern state is a great vacation spot throughout the entire year — yes even in winter.

There’s a lot to choose from in the Badger State, from outdoor adventures to big cities and even coastal towns. That’s right, Wisconsin has beaches.

Ready to go? Consider these ideas to make your Wisconsin vacation a success.

Make The Most Of Wisconsin

1. Wisconsin Dells Has It All

For decades, many people planning a Wisconsin vacation have focused on Wisconsin Dells. And for good reason; it has everything from water parks to skiing and snowshoeing, and everything in between. When planning, start with the waterparks — it is the Waterpark Capital of the World, after all — and pinpoint the one that appeals most to your family.

And there’s more to the Dells than just waterparks. It boasts numerous bluffs, woodlands, rivers, prairies, and shorelines, and there are scenic tours available to check it all out via riverboat.

The Dells is also full of great restaurants, breweries, wineries, amusement parks, and museums.

2. Explore Milwaukee

A good approach for a Wisconsin vacation first-timer is hitting up the larger cities first. In Milwaukee, there are both historic and modern sites to explore. On the historic end, the Gilded Age-era Pabst Mansion is worth a tour, as is the sumptuous Basilica of St. Josaphat.

And because you are in Milwaukee, it’s a sacrilege to not take a brewery tour, such as the one offered at the Miller Brewing Company.

To take it all in, the Milwaukee RiverWalk showcases the city’s diversity and beauty, while the Milwaukee Public Market, newly renovated, is perfect for local shopping and eateries. Other unmissable attractions include the Milwaukee Art Museum and the Harley-Davidson Museum.

3. Head To The Coast

Wisconsin can also be a beach destination. There are gorgeous sandy beaches on Lake Michigan as well as lining the state’s more secluded lake destinations.

Over at Bailey’s Harbor on the Lake Michigan coast, the beaches are low-key, the fishing is plentiful, and the town is full of charming shops and restaurants. For a more unique experience in Bailey’s Harbor, Lakeshore Adventures offers a tour of underwater ships while on a kayak with a clear bottom.

Or you can take a short ferry ride over to Washington Island which boasts a limestone beach and nature preserves. Sheboygan, about 60 miles north of Milwaukee is a bit more luxurious, with fancy spas, historic B&Bs, and freshwater surfing.

4. Take A Road Trip

There’s so much to do in Wisconsin that you won’t likely get to everything on your Wisconsin vacation list. But you’ll see a lot on a road trip. The Great River Road is 250 miles that wind through charming towns on the Mississippi, with shopping, hiking, barbecue-eating, and bird-watching all available along the way.

A shorter trip but one just as breathtaking is the 12-mile-long shoreline of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore that's studded with caves and features fantastic kayak and boat tours.

A short 22-mile drive north of Milwaukee is the secret gem of Cedarburg, which has boutique shopping, wine tastings, and romantic inns.

5. Invest In A State Park Vehicle Pass

Wisconsin is a nature-lovers dream, and with more than 60 state parks to explore, you’ll save a ton of cash by investing in a car pass that covers all the park and recreation areas in the state.

It’s perfect for those who plan to camp out since the pass is just $28 for state residents and $38 for those visiting from out of state.

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