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Balancing Family Life and Work

The world today is a hectic and busy place. We try to find time for work, family, exercise, hobbies, and more. But we all have so much on our plate, it can be a lot to balance. When you come home at the end of the workday, its best to hang up your work hat and unwind. It's important to separate work from the rest of your life. There are many ways to help you accomplish this. Here are just a few!


A great way to take a load off when you get home from work is to exercise. This doesn't just have to be push-ups and sit-ups.

You can ride a bike, go for a walk, do something to transition out of “work mode.” It doesn’t have to be an organized event. Put on some music and dance for 15 minutes. Let loose and have a good time. Make exercise fun by doing something you enjoy.

Including your family in your exercise is also a great way to bond and spend time together while doing something fun together. The best part about this is that you don’t have to spend any money to spend time together.

Stay Organized


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Nothing is worse than letting your family down because you forgot about prior engagements with work. Stay organized. Keeping a calendar can help you avoid last minute cancellations with your family for work events.

Be sure to write down all of your important work events, and also the important dates you have blocked off for family things. It might even be a good idea to keep both work and family color coordinated in your calendar. By keeping both dates in separate colors, you can see just how much time you are devoting to work versus family.

No Phones

In the busy world, most of us have our phones at our sides at all times. A very important part of keeping work at work is to limit work calls at home. Things come up and sometimes answering a work call is unavoidable, but there are ways to make your family feel important too!

Keep the phone away from the dinner table. While eating with your family, keep your phone on silent and in another room. Also, having a voicemail means you can find out what the person needed and decide if you should call back or wait until you get to work to deal with the task.

Family Time


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Have one day of the week that is off-limits for work. If you have kids, go to the zoo, or the museum. If you have a spouse, take him or her to dinner and have a date night.

Try to keep the conversation about family, and don’t talk about work on family day. Ask about what has been going on while you are at work. Let them know that you are missing them while you’re gone. Your family will look forward to this day, knowing you won't be taking any calls, and this will assure them of their importance in your life.

Make Time for You

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