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Looking For Alternatives To Payday Loans? Try These Options

Are you trying to find alternatives to payday loans? Maybe you have a car title you can use as collateral or you need time to repay the loan. Whatever the reason, there are two loans you can choose from as a payday loan alternative. When you come to Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc., you can choose between either car title loans or installment loans. Read this guide to learn more about our loans.

Simple Alternatives To Payday Loans

Car Title Loans

When it comes to our car title loans as a payday loan alternative, they are considered secured loans. This basically means that you, as a borrower, would have to provide the title to your vehicle as collateral. Keep in mind that if you want this loan, you’ll have to make sure you are finished paying off your vehicle. If you do not own the vehicle outright, your title wouldn’t be lien-free and you won’t be able to apply for this loan.

If you have already paid off the car, then you should have no issues finding out if you can qualify for this loan. In fact, you can still apply even if you have poor credit. And if you do qualify, you can qualify for anything up to $15,000. We will conduct a quick vehicle inspection to help us determine the vehicle’s overall condition and value – which then helps us determine how much you could get.

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Installment Loans

Another payday loan alternative we offer at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. is an installment loan. Installment loans are unsecured loans because you do not need to put anything up as collateral. With this kind of loan, if you are approved, you repay the loan in set installments over a period of time. So if you need time to repay the loan slowly, this would be the loan for you.

Remember that if you are trying to get an installment loan, we will run a credit check and look at your financial situation. Since we are not using any collateral, we base your approval on your credit and your finances – specifically your income to determine how much you could repay us. If you are approved, you could get anything between $100 - $1,500 on the same day or the next.

What Payday Loan Alternative Should You Go For?

Now that you know the two alternatives to payday loans we offer, you are probably wondering which loan you should go for. Basically, if you have a vehicle that you own outright with the title in your name, then you might want to consider a title loan. In such a case, you may be able to receive a relatively big sum that can be used to help you take care of an emergency.

Also, people who, for some reason, cannot provide proof of income may attempt to apply for a title loan as we do not require you to show us any proof of your income. On the other hand, if you don’t have a car or if you’re still paying the vehicle off (the title to it is not lien-free), then signature installment loans are the alternatives to payday loans that you might want to try. In such a case, you also wouldn’t have to bring your vehicle for an inspection.

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How To Get Either Loan With Us

Since we’ve shown you the alternatives to payday loans, now you just need to know how to get either loan from us. The good thing is that our process for either car title loans or signature installment loans is pretty similar. Not only that but both processes also won’t take long to complete. In fact, you could find out in a minimum of 30 minutes if you are approved and how much we could lend you. Follow this quick breakdown to learn how to get through the process for either loan:

  • For title loans
    • Gather your required items and fill out the online form on our website. This will send your contact information to us so we can give you a call.
    • Answer the phone when the representative calls to set up an appointment for you. This can either be at the nearest Delaware title loan location or somewhere else.
    • Come to either the nearest Delaware store location or at another location for your appointment with the required items.
    • Bring your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, your lien-free vehicle title, and your vehicle to the appointment. Wait while the representative assesses everything.
    • If you are approved for this loan, we will go over the loan terms and have you finish the paperwork. Once done, you can get the cash right there or the next day.
  • For installment loans
    • Gather your required items and fill out the online form on our website. Make sure you check that you are going after our installment loans.
    • Answer your phone when we give you a call. We will answer your questions and set up an appointment at the nearest Delaware installment loan location.
    • Bring your driver’s license or state-issued photo ID, your most recent pay stub, and a checking account statement from an active account in your name.
    • The representative will assess your items and run your credit. If you are approved, you will get the money either the same day or the next day.

Pick Your Payday Loan Alternative Today!

There are alternatives to payday loans that anyone can consider. In case you have a car with a clear title, then you can try going for a title loan. If don’t own one, then installment loans might be the most appropriate type for you. No matter what loan you decide to choose, Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. will help make sure that you get the emergency money you need. So fill out the online form for either loan today.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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