how installment loans work

4 Easy Steps That Reveal How Installment Loans Work

A lot of people wonder how installment loans work and what is the process of qualifying for them. This might be because there are several ways to acquire an installment loan and not all of them will be similar.

So, we figured that we would make things easy for you. In this article, we are going to introduce you to the four steps for online installment loans.

How Installment Loans Work: Step-By-Step

The process that we detail is going to be the process that you’d go through when acquiring your installment loan through Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc.

One of our aims at Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. has been to ensure that the process for how installment loans work is as simple as possible. This means that while it may be four steps, the entire process can be wrapped up in less than a day.

Step 1: Fill In An Inquiry Form

Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. offers installment loans that allow you to borrow between $100 and $1,500.

The process for borrowing begins by filling in a short inquiry form for cash installment loans online. We will collect some basic information from you. This information will also help us to determine where your closest Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. storefront is.

At this stage, it may be wise to have the following to hand. This can help speed up the process later on because everything is going to move at a good pace from here on out:

  • A photo ID issued by the government, which can be a driver's license.
  • Your most recent bank statement from your checking account.
  • Your most recent paystub.

how installment loans work

Step 2: Talk To A Representative From Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. 

Once you have filled in that short form, one of our representatives will give it a quick look over. Within a matter of minutes, you will get a phone call from us.

The intention behind this phone call is to ensure that your information is correct, that your questions about signature installment loans online are answered, and that you know the required documents. This will make the rest of the process a whole lot easier for you.

The loan representative will also schedule an appointment with you at a convenient time at the nearest store.

Step 3: Visit Your Local Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. Location

If everything is in order, you will be asked to come to visit your closest location. Since Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. has locations all over the state, it is likely that there will be one within a short drive from wherever you are. 

At your local lending location, a loan representative will check your documents. This will allow us to determine whether you qualify and how much you qualify for. If you are found to be qualified, then you will be asked to sign a few forms to finalize the process.

Step 4: Receive Your Cash

Once all of those forms have been signed, you will receive your money on the same day or the following business day! Yes. You will receive it this quickly. You do not need to wait for several days for the loan to be approved. This means that you can use the installment loan money to cover emergency expenses quickly.

The process of how installment loans work really is this simple. Depending on how close you are to your Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. borrowing location, the entire process can be finished in less than a few hours. This means that the borrowing process is going to be faster than with a traditional bank loan.

learn how installment loans work

Why Should I Use An Installment Loan?

Speed is not the only reason why many people in Wisconsin see Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. as an option for installment loans.

The fact that we have locations throughout the state ensures that we are going to be easy to reach. Many of our locations can be easily reached by public transport. This means that we can be an option for those that may not own a vehicle, or perhaps need to borrow cash to fix their vehicle.

Our installment loans can be used to cover emergency expenses that may not be able to wait until your next paycheck. People have borrowed from Wisconsin Auto Title Loans, Inc. for things such as:

  • Covering medical expenses.
  • Carrying out much-needed repairs in their home.
  • Having repairs carried out to their vehicles.
  • Ensuring certain bills do not go late, particularly rent demands.

Inquire About Installment Loans Today 

Now you know how installment loans work, you should have a better idea about whether this is an option that works for you. If you do need to borrow emergency cash today, then fill in the short inquiry form for an installment loan right now. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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