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Don't Get Burned on Spring Break - How to Spot a Deal and What to Avoid

By the time Spring Break rolls around, most of us are more than ready for it. Whether you work, go to school or do both, if you've made it this far into the year, you deserve a chance to kick back and catch your breath. Here's the dilemma, though: most of us don't have the extra money on hand to do anything particularly lavish for Spring Break, and even modest vacation plans can get expensive fast.

Don't let your bare skin budget keep you from cutting loose and relaxing because there's plenty of ways to recharge your batteries during Spring Break without going into debt or using an auto title loan. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do Spring break on a budget.

Hit the Lakes

This is a Spring Break classic for a reason, and although the coastlines in Wisconsin are a little different than those of Florida or Mexico, vacationing by the water is always a great way to relax. The views are amazing this time of year, and because it is the off-season the cost of a waterfront rental will be minimal. To save even more money, have each member of your group take responsibility for one dinner during your stay to avoid the cost of eating out.

Head Downtown

Almost every city has a downtown and, just like on Saint Patrick's Day, Spring Break is a great time to get to know yours. Gather up some of your friends and check out everything your downtown area has to offer. There are often free events taking place during Spring Break like a trivia nights, concerts by local bands, and other fun and affordable activities.

Check Out Local Events

Speaking of free events, any larger city near you will always have a wide variety of events going on throughout the year. Plays, art festivals, concerts: know where to look and you can find any kind of activity you like during Spring Break. Directories like Yelp Events or even a simple Google search should yield a variety of events in your area, often with reviews and information to help you make your decision.

Stay Home

While it's not for everyone, staycations have become a new American tradition for a variety of reasons. They're fun, cheap and nothing recharges you more than staying inside and reading a book, catching up on Netflix, starting a new hobby, or just spending time with your family enjoying a game night. The pace of life can be overwhelming at times, but a staycation affords you that rare opportunity to tune it all out and take back your ability to truly relax and do nothing but exactly what you want.

Make the Break Your Own

No matter how you decide to spend your Spring Break, make sure that it's what you want and not something you are being pressured into by someone else's expectations. Spending money you don't have is the opposite of relaxing, which is what your vacation should be about. Use the tips above to make sure you get back to school or work recharged and ready to get things done.