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5 Ideas That Don't Involve Brunch for Mother's Day

Mothers definitely don't get enough credit for what they do. Considering how much free labor they regularly contribute to American households, it's practically criminal that they only get one day to honor them instead of a whole week or month. But it is what it is, and as spouses or children it's our responsibility to make sure our mom or wife is treated to the best Mother's Day possible.

You're probably familiar with the standard Mother's Day checklist: breakfast in bed, flowers, chocolates, and brunch. And while she'll no doubt be thankful for them again this year, why not try doing something a little more outside of the box? It doesn't have to be something overly sentimental or so over the top you need a car title loan to afford it. All it takes a little effort and creativity to do something that makes this Mother's Day the best yet.

Here are 5 of our favorite ideas, that just like that other "holiday of the heart", won't break the bank while you give your loved one a day to remember.

Pamper Her

Brunch is fine, but it also means that mom has to be out of bed and dressed in time to drive to a crowded restaurant. For some mothers, the perfect day is one where they don't have to get up early or hurried and pressured to be anywhere by any certain time. Why not make the effort to give her a day where she truly doesn't have to lift a finger? There's nothing she'll appreciate more than finishing a relaxing breakfast in bed and coming downstairs to find a house scrubbed clean from top to bottom.

Head Outside

If you have the kind of mom who enjoys the great outdoors, an ideal Mother's Day activity could involve getting out, getting moving and soaking up some sun. Does your mom enjoy walking, hiking, or bicycling? Do a little research and plan an active family day, complete with beautiful views, a picnic lunch and plenty of time to enjoy each other's company. If your mom likes kicking the adrenaline up a notch, you can rent kayaks and cruise around a lake or shoot the rapids on a river.

Check Out the Movies

Just like the rest of us, moms like an afternoon at the movies. Is there a feature she's been wanting to check out but hasn't had a chance to see yet? Even if there isn't a specific movie she wants to see, she'll still enjoy getting out of the house and immersing herself in a great story for a few hours. Our only word of caution is not to pick a movie that's particularly violent or gory - those tend not to go over so well with the "mom demographic."

Switch Out the Roses for Violets

The rose cultivation lobby must have some serious political and financial power behind it, because these blooms are the dominant and ubiquitous flower for nearly every occasion. But it is for this very reason that opting for a bouquet of roses for Mother's Day has become almost trite. This year, why not try bucking this costly trend by thinking about what kind of flowers your mother would truly appreciate the most? Violets, carnations, orchids, peonies, lilies, daffodils: each are just as pretty as roses, and have much more personality and appeal.

Craft Together

Moms often have hobbies of a creative nature: knitting, scrapbooking, candle making, and sewing, to name just a few. Why reinvent the "wheel of fun" this Mother's Day if you already know what your mom enjoys doing? Even if you yourself aren't crafty yourself, start a project with her and have her teach you what you need to know to keep up. If you have a good relationship with your mother, working together on a shared goal can be a lot of fun.