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4 Creative and Thoughtful Gifts for Dad That Won't Break the Bank

June 1, 2018 | By Daniel Dewitt

One of the hardest parts of giving gifts is finding something that will both be useful to the person you’re giving it to, as well as show how much you care for them. This difficulty only doubles when you’re buying for an adult who probably already has everything they need, and triples when it’s for your father. After all, he gave you everything for the first eighteen years of your life: what could you really give him?

This whole dynamic is only exacerbated when you’re on a budget or trying to save money. Just like Mother’s Day, it’s difficult to think of new and exciting Father’s Day gifts that won’t also leave you with an empty bank account. Luckily, there are great gifts you can give while working within a budget that are guaranteed to put a smile on your dad’s face this year. Here are just 4.

Take Him to a Game

If your father’s a fan of sports like many dads, treating him to a trip to a live sporting event is a great gift that is sure to please. It gives you a chance to spend time with him while also engaging in one of his favorite pastimes.

Now, depending on what team your father is a fan of, the range for how much it will cost to take him to a game will vary. Sometimes the event will be beyond your budget, but many times you can find affordable, mid-range tickets for sale. They won’t be on the one yard line, but that’s just a challenge to yell louder when your team scores.

Get Him a Shaving Kit

Looking for a practical gift that your dad will use regularly? One inexpensive and undeniably useful gift is a shaving kit. It’s strange, but considering how often most fathers shave, the equipment they use is often old, outdated or substandard. A shaving kit addresses all three of these problems. Not only do they come with brand new razors, they also have a variety of lotions and balms for afterwards to make his face feel fresh and clean after his shave.

Help Him With His Finances

This Father’s Day, you may not be the only one with financial troubles. Sometimes our parents are too proud to admit when they’re having financial difficulties. And while you probably don’t have the cash to loan them, there are things you can still do to help. Work with your dad to help him create a budget to get back on track, or even teach him how to use expense tracking software so it’s easier for him to keep track of where his money goes.

If his financial troubles are a little more urgent, then the next step is to teach your father about the advantages of an auto title loan. They’re simple to qualify for, but many people aren’t aware of how this type of emergency cash loan works.

Update His Pockets

While women have their purses, men have their pockets. Both serve the same function: holding money, phones, keys, and various necessities. But one key difference is that a purse is also a showpiece, while all the things in a dad’s pockets rarely see the light of day. And for that reason they’re often old, shabby, and rough around the edges.

This Father’s Day, update them. Get your dad a new leather wallet, a tough smartphone case, or a useful keyring. When it comes to practical and thoughtful gift giving, these are useful and practical items that he will use almost every day.