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3 Ways People Overspend on Memorial Day

While it doesn’t have a reputation as one of the more expensive holidays, Memorial Day and its accompanying long weekend can come with a pretty big price tag if you’re not careful. And let’s face it, most people aren’t. After all, Memorial Day weekend comes at a point in the year when most of us just want to kick back and relax, whether that means taking a road trip or throwing a great barbecue in the backyard.

If you don’t want to be one of those people who have to rely on title loans after the official kickoff of the summer season, then pay close attention to these 3 common ways people overspend on Memorial Day.

They Buy Enough Food for a Small Army

A lot of people like to throw a barbecue for Memorial Day. It’s a fun tradition, and there’s nothing wrong with it, but hosting a party like this also means having enough food to feed everyone who attends. And unlike personal and family holidays like Christmas or a birthday party, many people feel comfortable inviting themselves over or bringing along a few friends on Memorial Day, which can leave you short on food and beverages.

The great part is that there’s actually a very easy way to sidestep all those costs. Not relishing the idea of footing the entire food and beverage cost for your Memorial Day celebration? Simply ask each guest you invite to bring over a side dish or beverage to help. If you feel like being super organized, you could assign a specific category to each person like soda, chips, dessert, etc. It’ll cut down on your costs and make everyone just a little more invested in making the party a success.

They Overspend On Holiday Sales

Another expensive aspect of shopping during a holiday is being careful to take advantage of sales without them taking advantage of you. Memorial Day is a traditional time for retailers to have all sorts of crazy sales and promotions, and it can be very tempting to hit the mall and go bargain hunting.

This is one off the biggest ways people overspend over the long Memorial Day weekend, and it’s easy to see why. After all, everyone likes to think they’re getting a good deal, but if it isn’t something you need or can afford, it is definitely no bargain. Why not take advantage of the situation and use the extra time to have a yard sale? People are already in bargain mode, so use this opportunity to put some extra cash in your pocket

They Feel Obligated to Travel

Vacationing is synonymous with long weekends and holidays, but for many of us traveling ends up being more stressful than relaxing. And so even though we’d prefer to just stay home and catch up on a book or TV series, we instead force ourselves to go through the motions of picking a destination, braving the traffic, fighting the crowds and worrying about the cost the entire time we should be relaxing and enjoying ourselves.

This is exactly why there has been a growing trend towards going on staycations for the Memorial Day weekend. Many people have come to realize that the part of vacation they value most is having enough time for rest and relaxation, and you don’t need to be in some exotic locale for that. Staycations are about doing what you want on your timetable, not someone else’s.